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What is pipe re-lining?

In simple terms re-lining is the method of inserting a new pipe into an existing damaged pipe where previously this may have involved a costly excavation.

Re-lining Method:

  • Re-round damaged pipe
  • Insert lining sock impregnated with resin along length of drain
  • Mould liner into place using air or water pressure
  • Leave to cure

The materials used for this process hold an ISO9002 quality assurance.

Benefits of Drain Re-lining:

  • Minimal cost and disruption
  • No costly excavation
  • Performed from small manholes/confined spaces
  • Repair pipes under homes and businesses
  • Resistant to leaks and root intrusion
  • Permanent structural repair
  • Drain restored to full working order the same day

Drain Re-rounding

What is drain re-rounding?

Drain Re-rounding is the method of winching a specialist re-rounding tool through the pipe to reform it to its original shape enabling the pipe to be re-lined.

Pitch Fibre Pipes:

Pitch fibre pipes were widely used between the late 50's and mid 70's as a cheap alternative to clay however these pipes are prone to deformation, blistering and eventual collapse and are therefore at the end of their design life. Pitch fibre pipes with up to 60% deformity can be re-rounded.

Clay Pipes:

Clay pipes are generally good although sometimes they can experience problems with root ingress and if the ground around the drain becomes too wet it can cause the joints to displace. Clay pipes that are up to 40% displaced can be re-rounded.


PVC plastic is the modern day pipe material as it's hardwearing and effective.

How we undertake Drain Re-rounding:

  • Set up winch above manhole chamber
  • Winch re-rounding tools through damaged drain pipe
  • Winch brush through to clean drain pipe
  • CCTV inspection to confirm pipe ready for re-lining
  • Re-line pipe

Our Promise

  • Blocked drains cleared fast in Hampshire
  • Free Camera inspection with all blocked drains cleared
  • £10million employers liabillity and £5million public liability insurance
  • Full detailed report avabiable if any problems found
  • Guarantee to beat any writtten quotation!
  • All relining works come with 10 year guarantee

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