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What is a treatment tank?

A treatment / septic tank is a watertight chamber through which domestic wastewater (sewage) flows for primary treatment.

How are they installed?

To install we firstly prepare an excavation for the tank. Once digging is complete we create a level base and put the tank in place using a digger. As the excavation is backfilled, the tank is filled with water, keeping the tank in position. If required a power supply is then brought to the tank.

What is a Soakaway?

A soakaway allows surface water to percolate back into the earth, away from any permanent structure.

How are they installed?

An excavation is made for the soakaway (crate). The crates are then wrapped and lowered into the pit, the soakaway is then connected to the surface water drainage system. The surface water pipe is introduced into the side of any of the crates using pre-formed knockout sections. Once the pipe is installed, the membrane is tucked in carefully around the entry point to close off any gaps and the pit is refilled.

Our Promise

  • Blocked drains cleared fast in Hampshire
  • Free Camera inspection with all blocked drains cleared
  • £10million employers liabillity and £5million public liability insurance
  • Full detailed report avabiable if any problems found
  • Guarantee to beat any writtten quotation!
  • All relining works come with 10 year guarantee

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